Journey through your ancestral linage with Family Constellation and see how hidden knowledge can be amazingly revealed; thus, allowing for release from our bodies.  Buried ancestral demons or negative beliefs can be carried throughout future generations.  Break the cycle with Family Constellation.  Learn more about this fascinating method of release and transformation.

Take a journey to a past life, get help from your Higher Self on a particular issue, visit an ancestor, ask for Higher-Self healing assistance or explore your Soul Consciousness Realm™ with a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ Session.

A trusted Pet Communicator can be valuable!  Our pets know us better than anyone and can have a wealth of information and guidance for us.  Through a Pet Communicator your animal can communicate to you what they need for their health and comfort as well as what they might feel you need.   Learn more how a Pet Communicator can be of value to you.

Spiritual mentor Sessions

Pet Communication

Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions

alternative healing based modalities

Do you ever feel as if you need to reach out to someone who can listen without judgment and help release what's in the way of your own Higher Self being heard?  Do you sometimes feel stuck on one particular issue that you're not quite sure what your "gut feeling" is telling you?  Today you can receive the guidance you need right from your own home or office.   Learn more how having a Spiritual Mentor can help ease your decision making. 

The following is a list of Alternative Healing Modalities that we here at The Guided Journey have either experienced ourselves or have received wonderful feedback on.   We recommend you explore any modality you resonate with further to see if it's the right one for you.

Family Constellation

Everyone is responsible for their own healing and therefore The Guided Journey does not guarantee individual results from the modalities listed on our website, however, we have found them to be very effective.   We also recommend that anyone seeking further information regarding any modality be at least 18 years of age and must be 18 years or older to schedule a session through The Guided Journey.

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Susan Giangiulio is a Certified Emotion Code™ practitioner who uses this method to help release trapped emotions and free the body of old limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you.  Susan couples this method with The Lifeline Technique® and has helped many to get to the root cause of their issues.