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spiritual mentor sessions

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20 minute Hypnosis Follow Up Sessions

Don’t worry about where you are on your path. You are exactly where you are meant to be; right here on this website seeking guidance.  If this is all new to you, start with our Introduction Session.  During this session we will assess what is most important at this moment and the direction that feels best for you. 

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These sessions are for those who have had a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ session within a weeks time. Designed specifically to allow for an opportunity to discuss, if needed, information that was brought to light during your Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™ Session.

Mentor sessions

mentor specials

Jayleane has been Spiritually Mentoring those on their Spiritual Journey of ascension for over 25 years.  A student of Pathwork™ Studies, Jayleane applies the wisdom of these significant teachings in helping others find their own answers and wisdom for life’s challenges. Jayleane will assist you in developing a connection and relationship with your own Higher Self, Soul Family & Spirit Guides.  This will allow for clarity on what “feels” right when faced with a decision or how to better communicate in relationships with others and can virtually help in all areas of your life. There are many wonderful modalities offered that are all geared toward the same goal; clearing our bodies & energy fields of “negatives” in any form, whether it be from negative thought forms, toxicity from the environment and food or attachments on a quantum level.  Having studied many of these modalities during her own Personal & Spiritual Journey, Jayleane’s expertise in these fields will help guide you in choosing what modality resonates for you and help guide you towards being divinely connected to your own Higher Self.

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